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Thank you for your interest in starting a local chapter of the Standup Paddle Alliance. Members and leaders carry out our mission in communities around the country. Local projects and events are unique to each chapter and include anything from starting Standup Paddle activities in local waterways and beaches to monthly gatherings and events that bring paddlers, Shops and Community Leaders together. (and much more!) As a volunteer-run organization, the Standup Paddle Alliance relies on the time, passion and creativity of members and local leaders at the grassroots level. If you are thinking about what a local Alliance chapter could do in your community, please read through this information and complete the simple New Chapter Inquiry form.

What local chapters might do

  • Create projects and plan initiatives and events that fill a need in the community, and engage in at least one Standup Paddle Alliance program or project area, including community meetings, water access, paddler education, water safety.
  • Raise public awareness of local access issues, etiquette, and support local groups of similar interest.
  • Create a large and diverse leadership team that values shared responsibility and is able to cultivate member enthusiasm and participation.
  • Grow the movement.
  • Work collaboratively with other chapters and local partners to share resources and ideas.
  • Convene an annual meeting with all members during which leadership team elections or confirmations are held.
  • Communicate with national office informed about your chapter’s activities, and comply with organizational policies and protocol.

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