Standup Paddle Alliance
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The Standup Paddle Alliance provides a setting for standup paddlers to pursue their sport to the fullest.  If you are interested in the well-being of standup paddling nationally and in your local area but do not have time to actively promote SUP, the simple act of being a member of the Standup Paddle Alliance benefits standup paddlers everywhere by increasing the visibility of our sport in our communities and waterways.

With your support we can stand as a united front to ensure our access to water and eliminate discriminatory acts of uninformed communities and governing bodies.  Through your membership, the community aspect of our sport, local chapters and communications through the Standup Paddle Alliance website, we can make a difference.


  • Become a part of our active online community 
Meet people who care about standup paddling in your local community
  • Join your local Standup Paddle Alliance chapter
  • Get a Standup Paddle Alliance membership sticker and card.


  • Access information about important national and international SUP issues and quick updates with the latest SUP advocacy news
  • Access exclusive online and offline content, including opportunities to communicate with leaders in the standup paddle movement


  • Help shape the direction of the Standup Paddle Alliance movement
  • Receive invitations to attend local, national and international events and enjoy discounts where available
  • Learn about opportunities to volunteer on local and national projects
  • Receive email alerts that let you know when to take action


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