Standup Paddle Alliance
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Standup Paddle Alliance, Inc. is a registered California Not-for-Profit Organization.

Standup Paddle Alliance facilitates and operates outreaches locally, nationwide and abroad, with a focus on open water rights and access, education, environmental cleanups, paddling etiquette and safety. We are committed to fighting for paddling rights and developing not only educational and safety  programs, but also truly culture-changing ones to the problems standup paddlers face every day. It is our heart to encourage and empower the local chapters to be a solution in their community.

Local paddlers and board manufacturers saw the need in  Southern California for someone to respond to the needs of the paddlers. Since they founded Standup Paddle Alliance in 2010, we have been partnering with others to answer the needs for help.

Our goal is to be a bridge, connecting our members to standup paddlers everywhere in a way that is measurable and full of impact, making an eternal difference in the enjoyment and access issues of our sport.


Our Mission

The Standup Paddle Alliance is the united voice for the right to standup paddle on the nation’s waterways.

As a Californian non-profit organization, our purpose is to promote and support standup paddling in the United States and abroad by providing a forum to exchange information, to provide educational activities and materials, and assist communities and regulatory bodies in support of standup paddling events, programs, public access and regulatory representation.


What We Do

Founded in 2010, The Standup Paddle Alliance was a community reaction to the State’s inconsistent and subjective rulings and policing of newly instituted rules regarding standup paddling along Southern California’s beaches. Realizing these issues were not unique, the organization formed, establishing the priorities to help ensure the rights of paddlers:


Establishing the ability to paddle responsibly on the nation’s waterways.

We believe that we can significantly enhance public enjoyment and use of the ocean, bays, and other tidal waters by applying common sense principles of governing; by working with local governments, which best understand local circumstances; by eliminating unnecessary burdens on residents, businesses, and government entities; and by bringing to bear resources beyond regulatory requirements.

The guidelines we propose will continue to establish reasonable public access. The Standup Paddle Alliance will encourage teams of professionals to work with municipalities and governing bodies to formulate Public Access Plans.


The Standup Paddle Alliance encourages educational programs to provide a safe, professional way for everybody to enjoy all that standup paddling has to offer.

The water is a dangerous place, and without proper thought to safety it can become deadly. By connecting with professional paddlers, lifeguards and manufacturers our Alliance acts as a clearinghouse for sharing educational resources and information.


Ensuring a safe and healthy paddling environment for all.

We all have a responsibility to maintain and promote the stewardship of our paddling locations. As our population of paddlers increases, so does the potential impact to sensitive areas, Do your part by modeling appropriate behavior, leaving the area better than you found it, properly disposing of waste, minimizing impact and repairing degraded areas. Through community effort the Standup Paddle Alliance establishes organized clean ups of our local beaches, harbors, lakes and streams. We work together with local community leaders to ensure clean and safe locations and the ability to maintain access to water ways.


Creating a common code of behavior that encourages an aloha spirit for stand up paddlers.

With the rapid growth of standup paddling in the past few years, our local waterways, beaches, lakes and streams have seen a large influx of paddlers. Etiquette is one of the most important things to learn before you set foot on the water. With the growing popularity of standup paddling, the number of people in the water is on the rise and unfortunately water etiquette is gradually eroding away. It is imperative that we all have a firm understanding on best practices for each and every paddling location.

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